Spice Masala in Jamnagar

We Provides Fresh Souff, Suvadana, Methi, Rai, Tilly, Dhanya Dal, Ajwain, Jeera.



Ajwain helps to get Instant Relief from Acidity and Indigestion, cure tooth pain. Ajwain’s main flavour comes from thymol, the essential oil that makes thyme taste like thyme. But while thyme is floral and sweet, ajwain is more sharp and pungent.


Cumin can be used both as the whole seed or ground. Cumin seed benefits from toasting before use to being out its aromatic, nutty flavour. Cumin is a staple ingredient in most curry powders and many spice blends. 

Our Story

With blessings of god and eyes full of hope and aim in the year 1996 PRAFUL J HARIA with his elder brother ARVIND J HARIA and his nephew BHAGYESH A HARIA and KENAL A HARIA started “KENAL TRADING CO.” We all together had a vast experience in agricultural and processed food items. 

“A dish without spice is like life without happiness.”

“It will be an real experience for you. The quality of spice will match the services you will get.We wish you can keep the flavour in mouth forever”.

Our Products Collection

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